Texas Holdem Cheat Sheet

This is a texas holdem poker cheat sheet for working out the most common draws and the outs left in order to hit. Memorise these and you will have taken a BIG step into improving your game of poker.

You Hold Drawing to… No. Of Outs
A Pair Three-of-a-kind 2
Two Pair Full House 4
Gutshot straight draw Straight 4
Open ended straight draw Straight 8
Four-to-a-flush Flush 9
Open ended straight flush draw Flush
Straight flush

When you hold an open ended straight flush draw, you have 15 outs. With the turn and river to come, this puts you at a 54% chance of hitting tither a straight, a flush or a straight flush by the end of the hand.

A full chart of outs can be found here: http://stonecoldbluff.co.uk/strategies/outs/

You can also download the full Texas Holdem Cheat Sheet chart as PDF here: http://stonecoldbluff.co.uk/pdf/texas-holdem-cheat-sheet.pdf


  1. Carl Francis said

    Very good site – far better than those cack sites which just provide info on card ranking etc.. I like the style – non nonsense descriptions.

    I do pretty well on-line and playing with mates but recently I came only half way in my first casino touri, your info in pretty useful and I’ll be using it shortly, hopefully I’d do much better. – Cheers to all keep, up the site.

  2. Gareth said

    Hey guys, just listened to all the podcasts and now watching the vids, but whens the next podcast! Keep up the great work. Its awesome (as the kids would say LOL!)

  3. I agree that this information is useful, but wouldn’t it be far better to understand WHY there were this number of outs? Memorizing the facts won’t help if you have any additional information. You need to let people know how to count their outs for themselves.

    Granted it is somewhat straightforward, but then so is this chart, right?

  4. Duff said

    I agree with UK Player that it would be helpful to clarify as to HOW these figs are produced. So here goes Quickly and easily:

    An Out = A card that will improve my hand.

    Therefore when holding “A Pair” and “drawing to three-of-a-kind” you have “2 Outs” because there are 2 other cards that can help you. Say I’m holding JJ, How many Jacks are left? ….. 2 – Therefore I have 2 Outs.

    It’s really that easy – As mentioned above, there is a much more in depth example etc on the site Poker Outs and Douts

    Hope this helps

    We should be doing some more podcasts very soon – thanks for all the great feedback guys … and spread the word about the site if you can.



  5. tips said

    Diese seite ist genauso interessant wie informativ. Viele Grüße!

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